“It just runs in my family?” Do your genes really determine your future, your health and your lifespan? If one or more parents had heart disease, or diabetes, obesity or cancer, does that mean that you will experience the same fate? How much control do we really have over the expression of our genes?
It turns out that some aspects of our genes can be controlled. Within our DNA are single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs (pronounced “snips”), genetic variations. Some SNPs are actionable, that is, we can take certain actions, like diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes to prevent the negative manifestation of some of those characteristics.
The first step is to test your DNA, with a simple cheek swab, to determine what your inherited SNPs are, then a nutritional formula is created specifically for you, based on those results. Sounds pretty futuristic, doesn’t it?
Well the future is here now! At Alpharetta Wellness Clinic we have the ability to provide this service. No more guesswork, wondering if you need this supplement or that. No more closets full of outdated supplements that you thought were a great idea at the time. And you can’t get any more specific than your own DNA!
Get your roadmap to a healthier future, by calling the clinic and making your appointment today!