You may have heard about bioidentical hormone pellets. They have been popularized by celebrities like Suzanne Somers, who has actually written several books about the subject. Many claim that bioidentical hormone pellets have renewed their youthful energy, mental clarity and libido, and given them a new lease on life! So what is all the fuss about?
Bioidentical hormone pellets have several advantages:
  1. They provide a more constant level of hormone in the blood.
  2. They are more convenient in that, unlike creams, pills, patches and gels, they only have to be inserted 2-3 times per year.
  3. They avoid the “first pass effect” that pills are subject to when passing through the liver.
  4. Testosterone pellets also avoid the problem of being converted to estrogen through the skin’s aromatase.
Many men who experience “andropause,” symptoms of testosterone deficiency, which include fatigue, decreased mental acuity, lack of libido, and erectile dysfunction have found that testosterone pellets relieve these symptoms. Many report feeling “like a new man!”
Women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms, like “hot flashes,” mood swings, lack of concentration and loss of libido may find that testosterone and estradiol pellets help to relieve these symptoms. Women who still have a uterus must also receive progesterone supplementation to prevent build up of the uterine lining. It is recommended that before estradiol pellet insertion a negative breast exam, mammogram or thermogram, pap smear and pelvic exam be confirmed. Pregnant women should not undergo hormone pellet insertion. Women with a history of abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis or breast cancer should report a history of these conditions to their practitioner.
Prior to hormone pellet insertion hormone levels are drawn in order to determine the proper individual dose of hormones needed. Follow up hormone levels are checked in 4 weeks, and repeated at 3-5 months, or whenever the patient begins to experience symptoms of hormone depletion.
The procedure itself just takes about  30 minutes.  You can even drive yourself home!
Potential temporary side effects include breast tenderness and spotting.